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Bumble and Bloom Bridal Bouquet

It's the most unforgettable day of your life, and Bumble & Bloom loves working with you to make your wedding day the most beautiful it can be.

After already servicing countless weddings in an array of styles, settings and locations, Zoe shapes mother nature to your ideals and preferences, specialising in natives, unique arrangements, flattering colour schemes and contemporary simplicity.

Whether blissfully beachy or absolute princess , Bumble & Bloom believes in your day - your way.

Bumble and Bloom Pillar Floral Design
Zoe and Jon - Bumble and Bloom Floral Design
Riley & Jayden - Bumble and Bloom bridesmaid bouquet

  • Here at Bumble & Bloom we thrive in making our beautiful clients feel extra special. We achieve unique arrangements by not only tailoring to your vision but as well as picking the best seasonal produce for the freshest outcome.

  • Flowers are a natural thing and sometimes they will behave in a way we can't predict. Due to their perishable nature, their lifespan varies from bloom to bloom.


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